Soulbury Committee - Updates

Pay and Conditions

Soulbury Committee - Updates

The Soulbury Committee is the national negotiating body which determines the national framework of pay and conditions of service for local authority Soulbury paid officers in England and Wales.  Established in 1946, it comprises representatives of the local authority employers’ organisations and representatives of trade unions for Soulbury paid officers. The pay and conditions framework determined by the Soulbury Committee are set out in the Soulbury Report.  In turn, its provisions should be incorporated into the contracts of employment of individual employees. Until 1987, Soulbury pay scales were directly related and linked to those for school teachers, particularly those for head teachers.  That link was, however, severed in 1987 and since then the annual pay increases for Soulbury officers have been determined by collective bargaining in the Soulbury Committee. As the NUT Section of the NEU holds the Secretariat for this committee, you will be able to access updates and current pay scales and information at their website here.


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