Choose Youth

The ChooseYouth campaign was initially launched in January 2010 with a national rally in Solihull which attracted over a 1000 young people, youth workers and voluntary youth sector workers.Unite is proud to be part of Choose Youth, an unprecedented alliance of over 30 national youth sector organisations and trade unions, brought together to back young people’s services from the onslaught of spending cuts and we continue to be a driving force behind this campaign and is pleased to announce that a new website will be launched shortly.

Youth and young people’s services are being hit by the biggest cuts to any public service and the rate of cuts is destroying our youth services. We believe that every young person, regardless of their background or where they live, should be entitled to high quality youth work delivered by professionals.

Since coming to power the Con-Dem government has done all it can to alienate young people. Unite says enough is enough. Young people didn’t cause the crisis, they should not have to pay for it now, with hiked tuition fees, no jobs, and an axed Education Maintenance Allowance.

A second Lobby of Parliament held in October 2011 again brought over a thousand young people, workers, trade unionists and MPs together and was a great opportunity to speak up for young people and for youth work. 

ChooseYouth launched its new manifesto - Our Vision for A New Youth Service last year in the face of youth services being destroyed and is campaigning for a statutory youth service. 

Please visit the ChooseYouth website and if you haven’t done so already sign the petition asking Ed Miliband to pledge for a statutory youth service in his manifesto pledge for 2015. You can also affiliate as a branch and be kept up to date with the campaign.



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