We have always been a campaigning Union - and a successful one at that and our priority is to represent the employment and professional views of our members. Trade unions have led the struggle for democracy and social justice in Britain since the 1830s and if you want to get something done then it is the trade unions that will champion the cause. 

Unite believes that all young people need high quality youth services and our central campaign has been for statutory youth service provision. We are pleased to be one of the lead partners in the ChooseYouth Campaign which has been leading the way and providing a platform for young people’s voices. Young people need more respect, so Unite is proud to be supporting and promoting votes at 16.

We also believe that children need quality open access play facilities, so we have led on this campaign too.

Community development is crucial to the battle against poverty and for social inclusion and lifelong learning, so we have always been in the forefront of this campaign.

And students and part time workers need a better deal too, so you will find us vocal on these issues.

We hope you will join us in our campaigning work.


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