Labour Party Consultation on a Statutory Youth Service

Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Labour Party has committed to plans to place youth services on a statutory footing, where every local authority would be required to establish a local youth service partnership made up of young people, parents, professionals and locally elected politicians. The partnership would be responsible for providing strategic leadership, assessing provision in the area and publishing a local youth strategy.

The national body would work with all local partnerships, reviewing local youth strategies, monitoring and distributing funding, and advising on professional and service standards, the party said.

"Labour is committed to creating a quality youth service for all young people," a consultation document setting out the plans states. We believe this service should be protected in statute, recognising the important role universal youth work plays in supporting young people to realise their potential."

The consultation document states that following the consultation process, Labour intends to create a national strategy for youth work and a charter underpinned by law, defining what sufficient levels of service provision will be. It also hopes to be able to identify a sustainable funding model to support the delivery of a statutory youth service.

A draft charter, which features in the consultation document, sets out that "all young people will be entitled to inclusive, open access youth services".

Unite is encouraging and supporting members and branches to input directly into the consultation here. Look out for more details to input up until the deadline of Monday 12th November 2018.

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