JNC Pay Claim 2016

Posted on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The pay claim for the JNC has now been sent to the Employer’s Side.

The staff Side is asking the Employers:

  1. to join with staff to mount a strong campaign to defend youth services
  2. to recognise the JNC agreement and commit to maintaining it for all youth and community work staff, both in local authorities and outsourced employers
  3. to give a rise of £1000 on all grades and allowances from September 2016 and the deletion of the bottom pay point to bring the whole spine above the hourly Living Wage
  4. to commit to ensuring that no pay point should fall below the Minimum Income Standard annual earnings requirement for a single adult by 20120
  5. to undertake a joint comparative review of all London and Area Allowances to be completed by December 2017
  6. to issue strong joint guidance to local authorities, clarifying and reminding them of their pensions provision responsibilities in paragraph 20 of the JNC agreement
  7. to formally define an Evening session as one that finishes after 6pm
  8. to reduce the working week for all youth workers to 36 hours and 35 hours in London
  9. to begin a dialogue between the employers and trade unions about the inclusion of playwork practitioners in the JNC agreement and pay scales

You can read the pay claim in full here.

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