The alienation and disaffection of our youth

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The more unequal a society the more violent and alienated young people become. They turn against each other in gangs and against the high street trappings of wealth from which they are excluded. Young people in Knightsbridge won’t be rioting.

The policies of a few are wrecking our communities. The Tories particularly have targeted youth services not for cuts, but for closure. The significance of this is very great. Young people saw the new government come in and without a mandate to do so raise student tuition fees, get rid of the Education Maintenance Allowance and then begin their most serious assault on the architecture of services closest to young people’s hearts.

What is little recognised is that one of the public services substantially built by young people in their own interests, the youth service, could be the first public service to disappear. Already a number of Tory councils have abandoned it and London Boroughs have been reckless in its neglect, with £17 million proposed to go from 15 already threadbare London youth services in the last half of this year. Read more here

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