MP`s confirm the government is negative for youth

Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2011

The long awaited report resulting from the Inquiry into services for young people has now been published.  One of the main conclusions from the Committee was that the cost of the National Citizens Service (NCS) could not be justified. The Committee warns that extending the National Citizen Service (NCS) offer to all 600,000 16-year olds could have a price tag in excess of £350 million each year even if only 50% of young people take part. This would make it more costly than the entirety of youth services currently provided by local authorities.

Unite national officer said: "One year into this government and this country’s world-class, constantly evolving, 50 year old youth service is on its knees. What a damning indictment of `compassionate conservatism`, which, in yet another government gimmick, is pretending to be ‘positive for youth’, while doing the opposite".

The full report is available here and the full reaction by Unite is available here.

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