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  • ACAS

    Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

  • ACW

    Association of Community Workers

  • ALA

    Association of London Authorities


    Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit


    Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit

  • ALC

    Association of Labour Councillors


    Association of Christian Youth and Childrens Workers

  • APL

    Assessment/Accreditation of Prior Learning


    Association of Principal Youth and Community Officers

  • ARA

    Anti Racist Alliance

  • ARQ

    Alternative Routes to Qualification

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  • BAC

    British Association for Counselling


    British Association of Setlements

  • BASW

    British Association of Social Workers

  • BCLA

    Boys’ Cub Leaders Association

  • BUM

    Business Unit Manager

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  • CA

    Community Association Children Act

  • CAB

    Citizens’ Advice Bureau

  • CATS

    Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme

  • CDF

    Community Development Foundation

  • CDMF

    Community Dance and Mime Federation

  • CEDC

    Community Edcucation Development Centre

  • CEO

    Chief Education Officer

  • CEP

    Community Education Project , Community Enterprise Project

  • CeVe

    Community Education Validation and Endorsement (Scottish ETS)

  • CHAR

    Campaign for Single Homeless People

  • CHE

    Campaign for Homosexual Equality


    Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountants

  • CM

    Community Matters

  • Cmnd

    Command Paper

  • CNAA

    Council for National Academic Awards

  • CPAG

    Child Poverty Action Group

  • CPF

    Community Projects Foundation

  • CRE

    Commission for Racial Equality

  • CVS

    Council for Voluntary Service

  • CYWU

    Community and Youth Workers’ Union

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  • DDA

    Disability Discrimination Act

  • DfEE

    Department for Educationand Employment

  • DLF

    Disabled Living Foundation

  • DoER

    Department of Environment and the Regions

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  • E&T

    Education and Training Committee (CYWU)

  • EAT

    Employment Appeal Tribunal


    Endorsement of Informal Education Interim Officers’ Group

  • EOC

    Equal Opportunities Commission

  • ETS

    Education and Training Standards sub committee of NYA and WYA.

  • EWO

    Education Welfare Officer

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    Federation of Community Work Training Groups

  • FEU

    Further Education Unit

  • FTA

    Failure To Agree

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  • GEST

    Grant for Education Support and Training (DfEE)

  • GFTU

    General Federation of Trade Unions

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  • HAPA

    Handicapped Adventure Playground Association

  • HMI

    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate

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  • IT

    Industrial Tribunal

  • IWA

    Indian Workers’ Association

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  • JCC

    Joint Consultative Committee

  • JNC

    Joint Negotiating Committee for Youth and Community Workers


    Joint National Council for Training in Play.

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    Local Authorities Conditions of Service Advisory Board

  • LEA

    Local Education Authority

  • LGMB

    Local Government Management Board (formerly LACSAB)

  • LSC

    Learning and Skills Council

  • LVSC

    London Voluntary Services Council

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  • M1 Y&C

    Training Scheme (Northants, Beds, Bucks etc)

  • MDC

    Metropolitan District Councils

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  • NABC

    National Association of Boys’ Clubs


    National Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders

  • NAPO

    National Association of Probation Officers


    University and College Lecturers’ Union


    National Association of Youth and Community Education Officers


    National Association of Youth Leaders and Organisers 194?-1963

  • NAYT

    National Association of Youth Theatres

  • NCB

    National Children’s Bureau

  • NCH

    National Childrens’ Homes

  • NCN

    National Coalition for Neighbourhoods

  • NCVO

    National Council for Voluntary Organisations


    National Council for Voluntary Youth Services

  • NEWI

    North East Wales Institute (Cartrefle Y&C Training Course)

  • NFYW

    National Federation of Deetached Youth Workers


    National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education.


    National Organisation for Gay and Lesbian Youth Workers

  • NPFA

    National Playing Fields Association


    National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

  • NUT

    National Union of Teachers

  • NVQ

    National Vocational Qualification

  • NYA

    National Youth Agency

  • NYB

    National Youth Burea,Forerunner of the NYA

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  • PHAB

    Regional Advisory Council for further education

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  • S&T

    Salaries and Tenure Committee (CYWU)


    Scottish Association of Community Education Staff.

  • SCCD

    Standing Conference for Community Development

  • SCEC

    Scottish Community Education Council

  • SWAT

    South Wales Apprenticeship Training. (Y&C Apprenticeship scheme)

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  • TAG

    Training Agencies Group

  • TC

    Trades Council

  • TUC

    Trades Union Congress

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  • VLFE

    Validating Learning from Experience

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    Welsh Association of Full Time Youth and Community Workers.

  • WYA

    Wales Youth Agency

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  • YEC

    Youth Exchange Centre

  • YSU

    Youth Service Unit (DfEE Department)

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