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Motion to TUC Congress

Posted on Friday, November 08, 2002


The Community and Youth Workers’ Union.

Motion 2 to TUC Congress 2002.

Learning Mentoring.

1                    Congress welcomes the government’s investment in the Excellence in Cities scheme and the development of Learning Mentoring as an education based profession in schools.

2                    Congress further believes that Learning Mentors make a substantial improvement in academic attainment levels and social behaviour and that their intervention should be recognised as making a professional commitment to the quality of education.

3                    Congress is concerned at the lack of a coherent training and qualifications structure for this area of work and the lack of consistent national terms and conditions.

4                    Congress therefore calls on the government and local government employers to adopt a system of national collective bargaining for this important area of work and a recognised qualifications system.


 Doug Nicholls, General Secretary.

 Bob Allen, President.


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