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Posted on Thursday, February 01, 2001

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Northern Ireland Branch

The Branch have just held their Annual General Meeting in Belfast and have formally adopted a full Northern Ireland Branch constitution.

Membership is growing steadily despite our problems of relatively high membership costs in comparison to fellow Unions and the current lack of recognition for CYWU at negotiation level in Northern Ireland.

Our reputation is growing though, in relation to representation of member's interests and casework. We have actively represented individual workers in all of the Board areas now, both in Voluntary and Controlled employ.

We are looking forward now to the May National Conference where we are pressing forward two crucial motions.

1. A request that it become a CYWU priority to see the full extension of National Joint Negotiating Committee terms and conditions to Northern Ireland.

2. The employment of a Regional Development Officer for Ireland north and South.

We see these two as being crucial to fuel the reestablishment of CYWU as the primary Union for all Youth Community and Play workers in Northern Ireland.

For any further Information on the Northern Ireland Branch, contact Tommy Dallas at [email protected] or 028 9085 2995.

[email protected]

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