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Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Compensatory leave

The employers’ refuse to believe that there is a problem with regard to payment of staff in relation to residentials and international exchanges. The will not move an inch on this question until they have more detail from the Unions’ research into bad practice.
Review of the New JNC structure

A review of the new JNC structure has been agreed. The Staff Side has been invited to put points forward for examination in that review.

Probationary year

The employers have agreed to consider the Staff Side’s concerns about inconsistencies in the JNC Report as part of the review of structure.

Part Time Workers

The JNC has agreed to issue a circular reminding employers of their legal obligations in relation to payment to those working part time with respect to bank holidays and in relation to legislation on Fixed Term Contracts and rolled up holidays. Branches will be advised of this further, in the mean time please inform national office of any discriminatory treatment in relation to part time workers. Constant fixed term contracts are now illegal and it is illegal not to pay for bank holidays and to wrap holiday time into pay.

Representation to Government on pay and youth service funding

The JNC has agreed to undertake Joint Representation to the government through the Treasury as part of its Comprehensive Spending Review. The Staff Side proposed this and welcomes the agreement.

England Standards Board

The Joint Secretaries of the JNC are to keep under review pending a paper from the ESB, the ESB’s request for recognition as a validating body.

Wales ETS

The JNC has made arrangements for recognition of the Wales Education and Training Standards Committee within the Welsh Assembly Government.

Next meeting of the JNC

The JNC next meets on September 27th.

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