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London and Fringe Allowances

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2006

London, Area and Fringe Allowances

The employers have noted the discrepancy in London, Area and Fringe Allowances, i.e. that they are low compared with other comparable professions. They have noted that the Staff Side is looking for at least £3,500 on the inner London Allowances. We are arguing a corresponding increase for outer and fringe allowances. In response to this claim they are holding further consultation with London employers.

Those members affected by this are of course all members in Inner and Outer London Boroughs, and in Crawley, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire (Slough, Bracknell Forest, Windsor and Maidenhead.)

Current JNC Allowances are as follows:

Inner 2,640

Outer 1,734

Fringe 675

The comparative figures used in the JNC pay claim are as follows:

M1 Teacher 3,840

M2 Teacher 3,639

M3 Teacher 3,669

M4 Teacher 3,669

M5 Teacher 3,723

M6 Teacher 3,744

Nurses and Midwives 3,552

Medical Professionals 3,552

Probation Staff 3,500

Clinical Psychologists/

Child Psychotherapists/ 2,851

Hospital Chaplains/ Admin

Staff Whitley/Speech Therapists

Soulbury Staff 2,730

JNC 2,640

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