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Temporary workers get short-changed

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001

The TUC has published a report claiming that over half of Britain’s two million temporary workers are being paid less than their permanent colleagues for doing the same job.

The report is the evidence taken from a survey that found that many of Britain’s temporary workers get paid as little as half as much as their colleagues and are excluded to equal rights to pensions, sick leave and holidays.

CYWU has uncovered evidence of members being excluded to training opportunities, not given the correct holiday entitlements and disparity in terms and conditions.

The union is concerned that this is unlikely to improve until the government complies with the European fixed-term contract directive, which is likely to be implemented in July 2002. However, the directive may exclude provision for pension rights, proving further that the best way to ensure fairness and equality is an affective campaign through your union and not reliance on watered-down legislation.

Not surprisingly, the TUC report showed that temporary workers were more likely to be women, in part-time employment and from ethnic minorities. However, one of the biggest growth sectors for temporary workers is in education as a result of cost cutting, staff shortages and to create a more “flexible workforce”.

TUC General Secretary, John Monks told Rapport “constant worries about being laid off, lack of sick pay and access to pensions leaves many of Britain’s workforce without work-related benefits or job security”

CYWU will campaign for job security and equality in all our sectors that we represent, ensuring that our members are not denied their rights. Branches are encouraged to survey their own workplaces to monitor this worrying trend.

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