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Recruitment and retention crisis speaks out in research

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001

CYWU has long warned of the recruitment and retention crisis. The JNC employers have paid little attention. In fact their offer at the September JNC was not informed by the latest recruitment and retention report by Anneli Connold from the Bracknell Youth Service.

Her national survey which gained a 31% response rate concluded that major recruitment and retention problems affect the majority of youth services.

94% of respondents experienced recruitment difficulty.
Men workers with special skills and experience and people from ethnic minorities were most difficult to attract.

62% of respondents experience retention issues and a staggering 98% have an annual turnover of staff of between 10-25% bearing out CYWUs previous figures.

Low pay is undeniable a key factor in all of this with teachers earning on average (as of last November) 25,600 a year, social workers 20,700 and Personal advisors 20,000. This does not bode well for youth work where the average wage is 18,000.

Youth and community work prides itself still in the high numbers of black and ethnic minority workers and women in training and the exclusive recruitment onto courses from working class communities.

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