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TUC considers CYWU Youth Work Motion

Posted on Friday, September 01, 2000

The following motion is being put to the TUC in the second week of September 2000.

From The Community and Youth Workers’ Union.

Motion: TUC Congress 2000.

Young People and the Youth Service.

Congress regrets that despite almost universal representation to the consultation document Bridging the Gap that the Learning and Skills Bill should have sought to introduce a statutory Youth Service, in fact the new legislation diminishes the already weak provisions for young people and services to youth continue to be severely under resourced.

Congress welcomes the Policy Action Team 12 report on Young People and its attempt to create an integrated approach to youth policy and funding, and the social inclusion and development of young people.

Congress notes that the new Connexions service for young people could potentially play an important part in this integrated approach but will depend for its success upon: a) the involvement at all stages of the fieldwork professionals involved, b) trade union negotiation c) a willingness to build on the existing structures of national collective bargaining, qualifications and training for related groups of practitioners and d) a fully resourced local authority controlled Youth Service.

Congress notes the enormous contribution made to the lives of young people by the many voluntary youth work organisation and recognises that their contribution can be best maintained by the direct investment of 10million in voluntary sector infrastructure support.

Congress calls on the General Council in conjunction with the appropriate unions to meet with the relevant Ministers prior to the end of January 2001 to press these and previous Congress policies in relation to young people and the youth service.

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