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Play Equipment Appeal

Posted on Friday, February 08, 2002

Salud International is a project, which brings trade unionist together in support of the solidarity campaign against the American 40 year blockade of Cuba.

Since the start of the Americans draconian economic blockade Cuban people have suffered greatly through being starved of medicines, equipment, vehicles, spare parts and numerous other consumables that we enjoy as part of a free trade economy. Over the years the Salud movement has helped finance and supply vital equipment and transportation like ambulances and buses by sending supply ships to help the Cuban people.

This year one of the many areas that needs help is play facilities for young people in Cuba especially in the city areas like Havana. Children do not enjoy the open green Ares and play equipment we are used to in the western world. As in the western world drugs, alcohol misuse and crime have an impact on communities in Cuba increasingly lack of facilities for young people is playing a role in them becoming involved with drugs and alcohol misuse.

CYWU is affiliated to The Salud movement and a Union that represents youth community and play workers we would like to help Salud in it’s endeavours to respond to young peoples issues and needs. We would like through our members and contacts with colleagues particularly in Play work to identify any resources, equipment that projects may have to donate to projects in Cuba which are aiming to help improve facilities and play opportunities for young people in Cuba

Can you help if you think you may have serviceable equipment that we could send to Cuba or maybe know of Play equipment suppliers who may be willing to donate equipment please contact Jackie Wyatt at CYWU National Office: 0121 244 3366 or email her on: [email protected]

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