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Play work moves ahead

Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001

The Association of Playworkers (England) National Conference has agreed to explore a close partnership with CYWU.

Following the establishment of a new national qualifications system for play work, the Association found not surprisingly that members wanted their terms and conditions and professional status addressed. These matters are of course a trade union function and only a trade union can gain the legal recognition to address the question and enable play workers, as we have done in Wales to have the time off and clear identity to promote their important profession.

Addressing the Conference for CYWU, General Secretary Doug Nicholls said: “CYWU is the friendly home for skilled professionals in occupation areas which have for too long been considered marginal and lacked funding and coherent terms and conditions. This was the theme of our motion to the TUC last year. We want a new statutory instrument to create open access play provision in every authority area and we want national collective bargaining special to play work and integrated with terms and conditions. We want CYWU to be a vehicle for play workers to gain the recognition and support they deserve and as the only trade union to have participated actively in all of the play work developments over the last few years we know how important autonomy and self identity are. We do not want to take anyone over. We want play workers to take us over and forge our agenda as a union for essential services. The national childcare strategy is one thing. Play work is another and in many ways underpins the success of both formal education and childrens’ responses to care.”

Talks with the new Executive of the Association now get underway in earnest.

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