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Posted on Sunday, January 13, 2002

Community Work Forum supports JNC

A significant breakthrough has been made with the Community Work sector.

Following discussions with the Union over a long period of time as the new occupational standards for community work and the new qualifications framework have developed, the Community Work Forum has agreed to be pro active about supporting a clear link between their qualifications and the JNC Report. General Secretary Doug Nicholls attended their recent meeting and promoted the final stages of this development as something that needed complementing urgently.

“There is no excuse for any community organisation not to pay their community workers on JNC with full pension entitlements. In the early eighties at the height of the poverty and anti unionism of the Thatcher period I personally worked for a community organisation with a management committee of unemployed people. They were adament that the rate for the job under JNC would be paid with pension and that they would only apply for funding if this was made possible. This is the spirit that should now return to community work,” said Doug Nicholls.

Similar positive discussions have taken place with Community Development Cymru.

The Wales Guidelines to JNC endorsement are being re written in order to explicitly cater for community work.

Statutory Community Work

Community work and full consultation with local organisations are statutory in England and Wales. The Union considers that community work is now a statutory service and neighbourhood renewal programmes and community safety initiatives and all those initiatives flowing from the community cohesion plans make a set of local services known as community development obligatory. What is now needed is the organisation of the workforce and the application of nationally bargained terms and conditions.

New Community Work Occupational Standards

The publication by the Federation of Community Work Training Groups of the new occupational standards is a welcome development fore the sector providing tools of definition and description based on the social justice value ethos of our work that will assist employers, trainers and staff alike.

Rapport articles

Rapport would welcome regular articles and news from community work members so that we can have a regular community work section.

Community work – what about the workers

This controversial article by Union General Secretary Doug Nicholls is published on CYWU’s website and in the coming issue of Concept.

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