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NYA figures reveal the stark facts and the good facts

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Stark facts are that local authorities and voluntary sector agencies have continued to reduce youth services. The total number of Full Time Equivalents in the field of youth work is now down to 7,950 with 9,760 Full time equivalents working voluntarily.

The £230 that the Youth Service spends is paltry compared with the £1billion of new money pumped into childrens’ and youth work generally.

No wonder even the Local Government Association now officially wants 1% of education spending to be spent on the Youth Service and the Minister has urged Local Authorities not to cut next year.

While staff development policies have been replaced by less effective Investors In People Schemes, only 1.5% of the youth service budget is for in service training. 53% of this goes on part time staff training, but still only a minimal 33% of part time staff are qualified. Only about 1000 part time workers get RAMP certificates of training each year and the number could reduce with the introduction of the more costly privatised awarding bodies.

90% of qualified staff are qualified and most of these by JNC. About 1000 come out of the qualification courses each year and an estimated 50% have secured positions in mainstream youth and community work.

In response to this situation and the changing landscape of education and training the NYA is organising a major conference on the supply of youth workers and qualification and training issues next Spring.

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