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Posted on Friday, May 27, 2016

Youth Workers do a great job under often very difficult circumstances and the work they do makes a very real difference to the lives of young people by supporting their personal and social development through informal education. Youth Work’s distinctive characteristics include the voluntary engagement of young people, young people’s active involvement in developing provision, the use of informal education as the primary method of youth engagement, and an approach to provision that is responsive to young people’s preferences. For many young people a positive youth work experience can set them on the path to success, representing real value for money by addressing the issues faced by young people early and head on.

But the Employers do not seem to value Youth Work or Youth Workers and workers covered by the JNC (Pink Book) have received pay increases over the last few years that have been nothing more than real terms pay cuts. This situation cannot continue. The Staff Side Trade Unions have submitted the 2016 pay and conditions claim, calling for an increase on all pay points of £1000 as well as the deletion of the bottom spine point to begin the reversal of falling living standards Youth and Community Workers have been experiencing.

The JNC Staff Side believes that Youth Workers should be properly rewarded for the vital services that they provide. Please support this Pay Claim.

You can send a message to the LGA by tweeting:

@LGAComms Support the @JNCStaffSide and give youth workers the pay rise they deserve! #PayUp4YouthWork

@LGAComms Time to give youth workers the pay rise they deserve! Support the @JNCStaffSide and #PayUp4YouthWork

@LGAComms Isn’t it about time youth workers get a real terms pay rise! Support the @JNCStaffSide and #PayUp4YouthWork

Or you can write directly to [email protected], the Employers Side Secretary of the JNC

Pay Up 4 Youth Work!

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