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Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2008

Searchlight launches debate over anti-fascism in Britain

This month Searchlight launches a debate over the future direction of the anti-fascist movement in Britain. The BNP has secured one seat on the London Assembly, gained an extra ten councillors across the country and averaged 13.9% of the vote in the 642 wards it contested. It is clear that the BNP is emerging as a significant political force in many areas of the country.

Nick Lowles has kicked off the debate with an article entitled, Where Now? available here . The New Statesman has run a reduced version of this article and earlier this month 60 trade unionists and anti-BNP campaigners met in London to discuss the way forward.

Searchlight would like to extend this debate – the issues at stake are too important. We believe that the anti-fascist movement has to have an honest debate about how we defeat the BNP, particularly in the very communities where they are gaining success.

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