Anger, Hope, Action.

Anger that the JNC employers were prepared to push the profession to the brink of strike action rather than sort the acute problems facing JNC pay structures and the recruitment and retention crisis. Anger that the Youth Service in England despite the Minister’s commitments and the clear and repeated message of the field is being defined only in terms of its contribution to Connexions and continues to decline. Anger that the government message of partnership at work and modern employment practice has not reached Youth Service management and we continue to face primitive attacks on our members by incompetent management. Anger that community relations are under great strain in many of the most difficult and disadvantaged areas where our members work and that equal rights and non sectarian tolerance and racial integration remain hard to achieve in many areas. Anger that the new money pouring into Connexions executive salaries, branding and colour-coding is not going to benefit young people.


Hope that the joint JNC approach to the Minister will release more funds for JNC salaries. Hope provided by the Republic of Ireland and Wales which have legislated for a statutory Youth Service and improved professional development, in the case of Wales through JNC. Hope too that the NEC’s imaginative plans for the future of the Union presented to the membership as Conference motions will re energise every Branch and every member in four months of debate culminating in our best attended and most united National Conference ever. Hope that the current surveys of community workers, mentors and play workers will provide us with the evidence to launch a massive pay campaign to raise the status of these professions in the 2002. Hope that CYWU’s new staffing, our commitment to providing professional in service training, our commitment backed up by four staff to support the voluntary sector in being a better employer will lead all Branches to elect a Learning Representative to benefit from the government’s new time off legislation. Hope that our informal educational skills and relationship building and group work methods will be seen as crucial to uniting and reconciling our divided communities.


Action by all members to recruit to strengthen our voice. Action by members to take responsibility for their Union by regularly attending Branch meetings and supporting local officers. Action to include all of our members in all of our affairs and provide them with improved benefits and services. Action to re energise members and Branches and make use of the Branch Regeneration pack (see website). Action to ensure every Branch and every sector of the membership is represented at National Conference April 25-28 Eastbourne, fill in the booking form in this Rapport. Action to build an organising union and double the membership in 2002.



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