Community Work


Community Work

Community Workers Matter - Community workers have been good at organising community groups, there is now a pressing need for self organisation by community workers. The creation of a national collective capable of influencing policy and practice and ensuring that community workers are not exploited and mistreated at work would add great value to the status and impact of community work. With the expansion of neighbourhood renewal and community development schemes and the development of occupational standards and a new qualifications framework, there is a real need to ensure that the standards of employment practice are also raised. Community workers have been traditionally low paid and subject to too many temporary contracts. CYWU believes that community work deserves parity of esteem with other essential public sector occupations and that better conditions of service would help this. This can only be achieved if community workers organise in a specialist union. Communities need skilled, well trained, well resourced and supported community workers. CYWU is the only specialist trade union for community workers and the only national representative body for community workers themselves. CYWU is uniquely placed to take this agenda forward. We are already the majority union in national negotiations and we are recognised by local authority and voluntary sector employers. We give specialist advice and protection and support within the ethos of the best community work practice.


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