Playwork resources

Playwork resources


PlayToday is a free quarterly magazine put out by Play England and covers topical news, lively debates and ideas on good practice in the world of children’s play - [email protected]

Play for Wales is again a quarterly magazine of news, stimulating debate and good practice - [email protected]

Playwords is a quarterly magazine covering a wide range of topical issues, free to download -

iP-D!P is a quarterly magazine designed for professionals in play, often at the leading edge of playwork thinking -


There are a growing number of books about play and playwork, and the list below is certainly not exhaustive but is a good place to start:

The Buskers Guide to Playwork. This pocket size book gives readers an accessible introduction to playwork, the art and science of facilitating children’s play. It outlines the fundamentals of the playwork ethos and gives readers practical guidance on how to apply this when working with children.

The Value of Play by Perry Else. This recently released book acts both as a slightly more in-depth introduction to playwork than the busker’s guide, and covers as well as theory, practical approaches for play activities, and observations of playing children to help explain the processes.

No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society by Tim Gill. This book examines some of the key issues with regard to children’s safety: playground design and legislation, antisocial behaviour, bullying, child protection, the fear of strangers and online risks. Available free to download

Further Playwork links:

SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Learning, which includes playwork -

Play England is the national organisation for play in England, and is part of the National Children’s Bureau -

Play Wales is the national play association for Wales, and is involved in both play and playwork -

Play Scotland national play association for Scotland and works to promote the importance of play and playwork -

Playboard is the leading agency for the development and promotion of play and playwork in Northern Ireland -

The Joint National Committee on Training for Playwork is an independent membership organisation which exists to support and promote playwork education, training and qualifications -

The Free Play Network is a network of individuals and organisations which aims to promote the need for better play opportunities for children -

KIDS Playwork Inclusion Project offers strategic development, information and guidance to authorities and settings on inclusive play and childcare -


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