Oxfordshire Campaign

The campaign in Oxfordshire has drawn much media attention over the past few months. Youth workers in the prime minister`s home patch have vowed to battle on to save the county’s top class youth service as they staged a further walk-out on Tuesday 1 November on the steps of County Hall, Oxford. The walk-outs are uniting young people in the area with one local young man making a direct appeal to the prime minister to intervene to ensure young people get the same support he got from youth workers in Banbury. Read the letter here The action comes just days after 21 young people and youth workers travelled from Banbury to London to join the Choose Youth lobby of Parliament, where more than 1,000 young people from across the country urged MPs to stop coalition cuts ripping the youth service apart. The jobs of 80 professional youth workers, who care for hundreds of vulnerable young people across the county are at risk, as the Tory-led council races ahead with plans to off-load the running of its 26 youth centres and two-detached youth teams.