JNC Pink Book Pay and Conditions Pay Offer 2018-20

Posted on Friday, August 17, 2018

Unite and the other staff side unions submitted our pay claim for youth and community workers in May.

Following constructive discussions and a revised offer from employers following those discussions, we are in a position to run a consultative ballot of our members on the employers offer. 

The headlines of the employers’ offer are:

The JNC Pink Book is here to stay!

The employers have pledged to continue JNC Pink Book collective bargaining on terms and conditions and have no plans to end the JNC Pink book for youth and community workers.  This is a hard won victory for our members and staff side after our campaigning to preserve the JNC Pink Book after an attack by the employer a few years ago.


Though a 2% pay rise (this is more for workers at the lower end of the JNC pay scale) does not meet our aspirations, it is below the Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation and does not overturn a decade of pay regression for Community and youth workers; it does represent a crack in the Government’s public sector 1% pay cap in place since 2010 and the a beginning a pay journey, which we hope will bring better pay increases for our members.  CYPW Unite will continue the campaign to #payup4youthwork and pay justice for workers who make a big difference to our communities and young people.

The employer’s final offer is as follows:

From 1 September 2018

  • 2% on pay points 7 and above
  • £950 on pay point 2
  • £850 on pay point 3
  • £750 on pay point 4
  • £650 on pay point 5
  • £550 on pay point 6
  • 2% on London and Area allowances

From 1 September 2019

  • 2% on pay points 7 and above
  • The deletion of pay point 2 (14.61%)*
  • £850 on pay point 3 (10.36%)*
  • £750 on pay point 4 (8.86%)*
  • £650 on pay point 5 (7.43%)*
  • £550 on pay point 6 (6.11%)*
  • 2% on London and Area allowances  
  • Removal of pay point 2 to bring the JNC pay spine in line with the Living Wage Foundation rate with a view to reaching the Minimum Income Standard by September 2020 in 2019 in the second year of a pay agreement.

(* % increase over two years)

Evening working

The employers have agreed to a discussion regarding the broader principles of evening working on a without prejudice basis, this represents progress to dealing with this issue meaningfully.

Play work qualifications validation

The employers have agreed to further discussion regarding the English and Welsh Education and Training Standards sub committees to include monitoring and validation of play work qualifications alongside their remit for youth work qualifications.


The employers have agreed to further discussion regarding apprenticeships in the youth work sector, though this will not focus on terms and conditions.

You can read the employer’s offer here in full.

The CYPW National Committee recommends that members ACCEPT this employer’s offer as the best offer that can be achieved in this climate and this offer represents hard won progress on recent previous pay deals.

Your vote is your voice – make sure it is heard!

Please vote the consultative ballot opens on Tuesday 28 August 2018 and closes noon on Wednesday 19th September 2018.

This will predominantly be an electronic consultative ballot, so do ensure we have an up to date email address on your membership record.  If the system does not hold a functioning email address for you we will send you a postal ballot with a freepost return address envelope.  Please update your membership details on my unite 24 hours per day or contact your local Unite the Union district office during working hours.

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