Welcome to the website of the Community, Youth and Playworkers in Unite! Formerly the Community and Youth Workers’ Union (CYWU) and now part of Unite the union, the biggest trade union in Europe. As part of the Community, Youth Workers and Not for Profit Sector, our members are either working or training to work with children, young people and communities in statutory or voluntary settings. This website offers access to information for both members and non members and if there is anything you would like to see here please contact us.

CYWU News Bulletins

JNC Circular 205

The new JNC Circular is available here - Joint Education Services Circular No 205, Pay Agreement 2016 and 2017

JNC Pay offer for 2016-2018 accepted by unions

Over the past month or so all JNC Staff side unions have been consulting their members on the employers’ pay offer for 2016-2018. The results from the 4 consultations are now in.

Notification has now been sent to the Employer’s Side to formally declare that NUT, UCU, Unison and Unite have accepted the offer. Work will now begin for a new circular to be issued and will be available here once released.

The JNC secretariat will be meeting over the coming months to further discuss youth workers and unsocial hours, and these discussions will commence with the Employer’s Secretariat next Monday 26 September.

The next full JNC meeting is scheduled to be on Wednesday 11 January 2017 at Unite House, 128 Theobalds Rd, London, WC1X 8TN. 

The Employers’ offer has not matched the aspirations we set down in the pay claim in May, where Staff Side asked for an uplift of £1000 per spine point. The
Employer’s offer is 1% in 2016 and 2017 (in line with the Government’s public sector pay policy) spine point 1 has been abolished and the remaining pay spine points up until spine point 5 receive uplifts in excess of 1% in 2016 and 2017. This is a 2 year deal which in effect takes us to September 2018.

JNC Employers attack the JNC

The Local Government Association (LGA) employers’ side has issued an open attack on the Youth and Community workers profession with their intention to assimilate JNC Pink book pay, terms and conditions into  the NJC Green book in a letter to local authorities on 8 December 2015. See under news articles for more information and access a copy of the briefing here.

News from Around the Branches

Please let us know what is happening in your local authority or organisation. We know that many members and branches are facing huge threats to youth and play services across the nations. Please let us know what is happening in your area so that we can keep an overall view of the cuts and of the fight that is needed.

Oxfordshire Branch - It is no secret that the youth service have faced drastic restructures over the years which have resulted in the loss of valuable community buildings, resources and youth workers who really did make a difference in people’s life’s. Here we are in 2015 yet again another consultation around restructure due to a dramatic funding cut of £8 million which Ian Hudspeth, Leader of the council informed local MP David Cameron that the cuts to Oxfordshire’s budget would result in cuts to frontline services. Cameron’s lack of understanding of the very real effects of austerity measures on local government is clear to see in George Monbiot’s article in the Guardian here and find out more information from the Facebook page here.

Contact Us

Help us keep in touch by letting us have your email address or any membership amendments by sending an email message using this link.

For contact details of your local branch please contact your local Unite Office the details can be obtained from the Unite website, www.unitetheunion.org

Choose Youth Manifesto

Our Vision for A New Youth Service has been published by Choose Youth and full details are available on their website.

Valuing Youth Work

Further research has been published by the Local Government Association and the National Youth Agency. Valuing Youth Work contains case studies of local authority-funded projects in Birmingham, Devon, Hartlepool, Hounslow, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Rotherham and the Wirral. Each example shows how organisations and councils can work together to provide services covering health, citizenship, participation, and training and education, and the positive impacts such work has on young people.

Benefits of Youth Work - In conjunction with LLUK and Unite and researched by staff at the National Youth Agency this study could not be better timed. The Benefits of Youth Work sets out  in simple terms the reasons why our work is important, why it is cost effective and how it makes a real difference to young people`s lives.

Other News and Information

CYPW Annual Conference - Bookings open!

CYPW annual conference takes place from the 18 - 20th November and offers a range of seminars, expert panels and workshops facilitated and delivered by key professionals in the field, and the wider youth sector. The sessions will identify, explore and offer new insight into some of the more complex and challenging issues faced by workers, children and young people.

All bookings via Eventbrite. Members - http://cypw.eventbrite.co.uk and non members: http://catchingpokeman.eventbrite.co.uk  More info here


Please support our 2016 JNC Pay Claim by using the #PayUp4YouthWork hashtag!

Pay Up 4 Youth Work!

Defend Play & Youth Workers London Campaign - London

Playgrounds, youth centres, and community services have been attacked since 2010. The three main political parties have pledged more cuts after the General Election in May. That means less staff, less hours, less pay, or simply the sudden closure of more valued community spaces.

In London, members are getting organised to stop this happening. If you’re a youth worker, a playworker, a parent, please get involved in the London Play and Youth Work Campaign. You can find out more about our campaign on our Facebook page here and you can read our open letter printed in the Guardian here.

Cuts to playwork services

The preliminary findings from the survey looking at the  impact of cuts has been analysed and a report on this can be found here.

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Join the Choose Youth community by liking the page. The page will be used to keep you up to date with all the latest news from the Chooseyouth campaign as well as other campaigns and developments. You can add photos and postings of your own and contribute to the discussion in the forums. To get started, just click "Like" on the top of the page and their postings will appear in your newsfeed.

Unite the Union website

Visit the Unite the Union website and see what Europe’s biggest union is doing to support it’s members. The website has a dedicated section for the Community, Youth Workers and Not for Profit Industrial Sector and direct links to this website.

Rapport - CYWU Specialist Journal


The very latest version of Rapport is now available for download. You can also access further backdated issues from this year, or subscribe here

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